“do justice, love kindness,
and walk humbly with your God.”
(Micah 6:8)

New beginnings…
We’ve reached September already! In the life of the Church it marks a turning of a corner. Summer comes to an end and we move into the last leg of the year – moving through Harvest, Remembrance, Advent and on to Christmas and the New Year.
As such it also marks a time of new beginnings: schools start a new academic year with children taking those enormous steps in starting school or moving up; for many people, September is the month for starting to lose weight following the fun of summer hols and the preparation for the Christmas festivities.
September is often the time for people to think more about God and their relationship with him. For us at St. Michael’s it is also a time of commitment or re-commitment as preparation for our Confirmation Service begins.

What if?…
This reflection and commitment come together in our annual What if? Course. The Course will begin on Thursday 13th Sept. (See the calendar) and will run for 5 weeks. We ask the big questions: ‘What if God exists?’, ‘What if death isn’t the end?’, ‘What if Jesus died for me?’
We meet each week at Liverpool Cricket Club on Aigburth Rd. After a meal, there is a presentation on the question of the week followed by discussion in small groups. It is such a worthwhile time. Whether you are new to the Christian faith or have been a believer for a while, the course is an opportunity to explore or re-explore just what being a Christian means.
Do speak with Roland or with Aly if you want to know more or if you want to sign up.

Speaking of new starts, we now have a new website. The address is: www.stmichaelsgarston.org.uk. On the site you will find more details about the course as well as our services, contacts and other aspects of the life of St. Michael’s. There is also an invitation to sign up to our newsletter. Please do sign up. It gives us another way to keep you informed about services, events and news.
It’s all exciting as we start this last leg of the year. So much more is still to come and I look forward to sharing these times with you.

God bless.

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