October is a very busy time, and it’s a time when we can reflect on the many blessings we receive from God, whether that’s through our families, our friends, physically, spiritually or emotionally. We see his provision through answered prayer, maybe someone has been healed or we have prayed for someone to get a job and they have got it.

Day to day he meets our needs in whichever way that manifests itself. One of the lovely things we are able to do during Harvest time is to thank God for his provision in our lives by giving a little back. This may be done by thanking him through prayer or it might be by giving to others less fortunate than ourselves through donating food for the food-bank for example. Maybe we could give a donation for those living on the streets or for people who are finding it difficult making ends meet. Perhaps we thank him by visiting the lonely and house-bound but rest assured, whatever way we choose to give back, it not only blesses others but also blesses God and ourselves. “Everyone’s a winner “, so to speak because when we live the way God wants us to, in his light, he enables us to love as he does. That should mean that everyone is cared for and can see a little of his Kingdom, his light, love and protection.

Sadly however, we live in a time when darkness is all around us, especially at times like Halloween that has become a time that is made to look like fun for all the children. In reality it has a far darker side that is often glossed over. As Christians we need to be teaching our children not to be celebrating ghouls, ghosts and demons, but rather teaching them to live in the light of Jesus and to recognise his love in their lives, a love that will never harm them, will always protect them and never end. A love that is joy giving not joy taking. A few ways we could share Jesus with either our own children or other children might be to give them a bible verse along with some sweets or a little book about Jesus. Maybe you could give them an alternative to trick or treat by taking them out somewhere different, or joining with others in hosting a party that is centred around God’s light, playing games or enjoying activities.

So, my prayer for us all this October is that we share the light and love of Jesus with all those around us in order for them to step out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

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