Happy New Year!!!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? What is the thing that will mark 2019 for you; that you hope will change your life for the better?

One thing Bishop Paul (Bishop of Liverpool) would like us all to consider is signing up to a rule of life. It’s summed up in this way:

Called to: Pray, Read, Learn
Sent to: Tell, Serve, Give

The Bishop’s call is for a Bigger Church to make a Bigger Difference: more people knowing Jesus, more justice in the world. He calls us to work for this in the communities where we live and worship, but in order to be able to play our part we need to be in a living relationship with our God. We need to be followers of His Son, Jesus – Disciples. This rule of life is simple to follow and can make such a difference in your own relationship with God and could transform our church and our community. To read more about this and to sign up, visit the website:


“At once [Andrew] found his brother Simon and told him, ‘We have found the Messiah… Then he took Simon to Jesus.”
John 1:41-42
“‘Come and see’, answered Philip.” John 1:46

The motto verse I’ve chosen for 2019 is simple and short:
“Come and See.”

In the two passages from John’s Gospel, we see two disciples – Andrew and Philip – whose first reaction to meeting Jesus is to go and tell family and friend and bring them to meet Jesus too. I spoke about this last month as an opportunity for bringing family and friends to church over Christmas but why not use the beginning of the year to make a resolution: to bring a friend to Jesus.

This year, think of the one person who you would love to be worshipping alongside you; sharing this Good News; building God’s Kingdom here in Garston, and pray for them. But also pray for the opportunities to invite them to ‘Come and See!’ I promise you that if we trust God when we pray we will get those opportunities. Then pray for the courage to take them!

2019 could turn out to be a momentous year for St. Michael’s. A year when we as a worshipping community grow deeper in our faith and relationships and where we see our congregation grow as many of us take that amazing step to invite a friend to, Come and See!

God Bless


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