John 9 vs 1-41

So often we want answers as to why things happen that’s because we want to make sense of things, and there is nothing wrong in that in itself. That said, unless we are listening to Jesus we can often come up with the wrong answers. The disciples in our passage today do just that as they presume the blind man has been afflicted either because of his own sin, or the sin of his parents.

Jesus tells them it’s not about sin but rather so God can be glorified. Jesus was not saying that God allows bad things to happen just so he can be glorified but that he can bring good out of bad situations. I wonder if we are doing the same at this time with the coronavirus, trying to answer or understand why this is happening and who is to blame? Instead we should be turning to Jesus and allowing him, as the light of the world, to work through us and be glorified in all that he is doing.

As Christians we should be setting the example in this difficult time, by offering practical help and assistance to the more vulnerable, praying for our community and just sharing the love of Jesus with anyone who needs some reassurance and comfort.

But so often we let fear get in our way, because we are scared to stand out from the crowd and are maybe worried about what people will think. This again is like the blind man’s parents who because they were afraid of the Pharisees, refused to acknowledge Jesus’ divine healing power and instead simply told the Pharisees to ask their son about it.

Notice the difference with the blind man. After he was healed, he is not afraid to speak of what had happened to him and what Jesus had done for him. He even asks the Pharisees if they too would like to become disciples of Jesus, which really infuriates them…!!

As the body of Christ, we all have our part to play and we can share Jesus’ love in our community. By putting others first, we are worshipping God, let’s not forget that worship is not just something we do on a Sunday in church. Rather, we should worship God in everything we do, so let’s shine as beacons of light in this dark time and give God the glory.

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