Sunday 24 May 2020

Today we are looking at the Ascension of Jesus (Ascension day was on 21 May 2020 this year). 


The link below has some videos and craft ideas for the kids.



Sunday 17 May 2020

Today’s reading is all about Jesus leaving us the Holy Spirit to help and guide us. Below are some links where you can learn more and look at some crafty ideas.

A worksheet to learn about the Holy Spirit:

Some craft ideas:


Sunday 3 May 2020


The Good Shepherd is the Bible story for this week. The Sunday School Lessons that you will see if you click the link below are based on the passage in John 10 where Jesus explains how he is the Good Shepherd. There are plenty of lessons, videos and crafty ideas to download.



Sunday 25 April 2020


Spring is here again and if we look at Galatians 5: 22-23, we learn all about the fruits of the Spirit.   


















Click here to access a site where you can download a free ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ colouring book: 












































































Sunday 12 April 2020 – Easter Sunday
















Some Easter Sunday ideas, stories and crafts for the kids. 
















Easter Sunday Bible Study for Kids: 




























Some crafty ideas:




























Kids Church Service Online: 












































Hope you enjoy and have a great Easter..!!































































































































































































































































Saturday 4 April 2020
































































Palm Sunday fun for the kids…
































































Some craft ideas:




























































































Some pages to colour in:




























































































































And some Easter worship songs:

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Saturday 28 March 2020
































































































































































































































































Here are some colouring ideas and a bible quiz for the kids to keep them entertained:
































































































































































































































































Colouring Ideas:




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































and a bible quiz:


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Saturday 21 March 2020
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The Man born Blind.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































For the week’s Gospel lesson story, we will focus on the importance of keeping our eyes open.  The miraculous healing of a man born blind is great,  but that is not the only thing happening in this passage.  Jesus is defying social norms, as he often does.  He opens the eyes of the blind man, but the eyes of others remain closed and refuse to acknowledge what is in their midst.  Nothing is wrong with their vision, but they cannot see.  For kids, we want to help them understand how to be aware of the needs of others around us.  We should all seek to recognise God’s hand in our lives and in the world around us.  God’s love gives us sight.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Click Here for some crafty ideas
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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